OUR MISSION: To provide and equip like-minded individuals with necessary information about the field of law, in order to guide them to their highest potential.

PURPOSE: The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta, Mizzou chapter, is to expose students to the legal profession, while aiding them in building necessary networks and lasting relationships that will be vital for their future. We strive to manifest the core values of this international fraternity and continuously serve our school, community, and the profession, as stated in our motto. 

Hopeful Law Student,


      Welcome to the page of Phi Alpha Delta, we are so happy you stopped by! Feel free to surf our website and gain knowledge about the benefits our organization offers. While law school can be an intimidating thought, we are here to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and resources necessary to succeed upon law school entry. From resume preparation, LSAT tips, law school exploration, and speakers from the legal profession, Phi Alpha Delta Mizzou is here to walk you through it all. Please consider clicking on the tab, "Contact Us" if you are interested in joining. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Best Regards,                                               

Anna Goldman


Executive Board 2019-2020

What People Say

“Joining P.A.D. helped prepare me for the rigors of my 1L year. There is a cloud of mystery surrounding law school, and most people go in only knowing that it will be hard. Phi Alpha Delta at Mizzou gave me a better idea than my classmates of what law school is, what would be required of us, and how to succeed. The knowledge I gained through P.A.D. gave me confidence that I would succeed at law school.”

— Kelsey Brandes, Mizzou P.A.D. Pre-Law Alumna

"Phi Alpha Delta offers excellent speakers and valuable advice about law school to students who may have decided to go to law school, or  others who need help fine tuning that perfect application. In a leadership role, I was able to give back to P.A.D. and help others prepare for law school. I think that is what really prepared me for law school - knowing that my end goal is to help people.

— Kyle Barrett, 

Member & Former President '16-'17

"Phi Alpha Delta offers a plethora of opportunities to students who have an interest in pursuing a legal career. This organziation helps students not only decide if law school is right for them, but gives them a peek inside the life of various professionals that work within the law. P.A.D. gives undergraduate students the tools to succeed during and beyond law school and I couldn't imagine beginning my crucial application process without it."

— Anna Goldman,

Current President '19-'20

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