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Pillars of Justice

Meet the Exec Board

The Phi Alpha Delta Executive Board

Meet our dedicated Executive Board, a team of exceptional individuals driving our chapter's success and fostering a passion for law. Our goal is to push members to learn and pursue their goals in the field of law that is suitable to their particular needs, ensuring their journey with Phi Alpha Delta is both fulfilling and transformative.



Bethany Moore

Meet Bethany Moore, the driving force behind the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity at Mizzou. As our President, Bethany meticulously schedules fraternity meetings and ensures seamless communication with both the law school and Phi Alpha Delta nationals. Her duties extend to hosting informative info sessions for our valued members and approving all merch items, budgets, and events, making sure our chapter runs as best as it can. Beyond her exceptional leadership within Phi Alpha Delta, Bethany is a distinguished Public Administration and Policy major. She is an active member of Veritas Campus ministry, fostering a sense of community and compassion. As an Undergraduate Research Ambassador, Bethany exemplifies her commitment to academic excellence, having presented her research at two national conferences. Her scholarly work can also be found published in the prestigious Journal of Agromedicine. Bethany's passion for law, coupled with her scholarly pursuits, make her an inspiration to all aspiring legal minds within our fraternity.


Madison Pope

Meet Madison Pope, the diligent and organized Secretary of Phi Alpha Delta. Madison's role as Secretary involves taking attendance at every event, as well a organizing the coveted Brother of the Semester award, celebrating outstanding members who outperform themselves as members of Phi Alpha Delta. As a compassionate and community-oriented leader, she meticulously plans and executes various service events, reflecting our fraternity's commitment to making a positive impact. Her dedication to organizing, promoting, communicating, and hosting these service events fosters a spirit of service and unity within our fraternity. Madison is a Senior at Mizzou and her experience and dedication make her an indispensable asset to our fraternity. Madison's passion for service and her ability to bring our core values to life make her an inspiring role model for all members, driving us to continually strive for excellence in everything we do.


Addison Fouts

Meet Addison Fouts, the Financial Planner of Phi Alpha Delta. As Treasurer, Addison takes charge of our budget and banking affairs, ensuring smooth financial operations by meeting with the US Bank and setting up online banking systems. With keen attention to detail, she ensures all members have paid their dues, contributing to our chapter's continued success. Collaborating closely with other executive members, Addison allocates our finances, supporting our events and initiatives. Her commitment to transparency is a crucial part of our organization as she maintains accurate records of our finances. In addition to her role as Treasurer, Addison Fouts is a talented Social Media Manager for Her Campus, showcasing her proficiency in the digital realm. Addison's passion for communication is seen through in her major in Journalism, accompanied by a minor in Political Science. Her diverse academic background and expertise in media management make her an invaluable asset to Phi Alpha Delta.


Professional Development Chair

Taylor McMahan

Meet Taylor McMahan, our dedicated Professional Development Chair at Phi Alpha Delta. Taylor's primary responsibility is to host a series of professional events for our members, featuring esteemed lawyers and law school faculty. As a visionary, she skillfully coordinates informative admissions and student/PAD graduate panels, providing invaluable insights into the legal world. Taylor's passion for professional growth extends to hosting resume and personal statement workshops, equipping our members with essential skills for their legal careers. Beyond her impactful role at Phi Alpha Delta, Taylor is a dynamic force in the business world. She serves as the President of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, showcasing her leadership and entrepreneurial prowess. As the CEO of Buttons by Taylor, a successful merchandising company with a storefront at the Mizzou student center, she demonstrates her business acumen and creativity. Taylor's academic pursuits are equally impressive, as she majors in Economics, Finance and Banking with an emphasis in real estate. Her dedication to broadening her knowledge is evident in her minors in leadership and public service, entrepreneurship, and political science, along with certificates in constitutional democracy and multicultural studies. Taylor's multifaceted achievements make her an exceptional member of our fraternity.

Brotherhood Chair

Kate Karpinski

Meet Kate Karpinski, our esteemed Brotherhood Chair at Phi Alpha Delta. As Brootherhood Chair, Kate's warm and welcoming nature sets the stage for a tightly-knit brotherhood within our chapter. As the host of various chapter events, she fosters a sense of camaraderie both within the law school and beyond. Kate ensures that every meeting is accompanied by food and snacks, making our gatherings that much better. Proactively reaching out to members, Kate's dedication to fostering a close brotherhood and creating memorable experiences makes her an integral part of Phi Alpha Delta's spirit and unity. Kate is a Sophomore at Mizzou, and despite her relatively short time with us, Kate has quickly become a beloved figure among our members, making everyone feel valued and appreciated. With her dedication and passion, Kate embodies the spirit of unity that is at the core of our fraternity's values, inspiring us all to contribute to the flourishing brotherhood that defines Phi Alpha Delta.

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