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 The University of Missouri-Columbia Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta was founded in 1909. Throughout the year, our chapter participates in numerous activities and events to support our motto, “service to the student, the law school, the profession, and the community.” Our overall goal is to expose our members to the field of law, giving them information that will aid them in deciding their future in the law profession.

      Our chapter meets every Tuesday night, where we work together on brotherhood, service, and the expansion of our knowledge. Throughout the year, we are grateful to have law graduates, attorneys, judges, and other professionals speak to our chapter about the many different paths that can be taken in this field. Each fall, our organization attends a Law School Expo held on campus (Hulston Hall) to give our members face-to-face interaction with more than thirty law schools. With each meeting, we strive to educate our members on; the law school application process, resume building, and information needed for law school interviews.

      Brotherhood is another vital component to our chapter. We organize many service and brotherhood events throughout our fall and spring semesters, to give our members a close-knit community within Phi Alpha Delta. One of our favorite events is “Phi Alpha Donuts” where our brothers stand in Mizzou’s popular "Speaker Circle", and hand out free donuts to students passing through. In the semesters to come we are hoping to expand in membership and provide students with an organization they are proud to talk about beyond their college years. 


 Phi Alpha Delta International Fraternity was founded in 1902. Currently, there are over 340 pre-law chapters, 207 law chapters, and over 100 alumni chapters. Phi Alpha Delta is a coed organization, focused entirely on the field of law. There are over 450,000 members nationwide, majoring in a wide-range of studies and coming from all different background. The goal of this organization is to prepare students with the information needed to apply and succeed in law school.

      Benefits of Phi Alpha Delta include; the building and maintenance of a vast alumni network, gaining knowledge from professionals in the field of law, preparing for the LSAT with fellow classmates, and making friendships that last a lifetime.

Visit the Phi Alpha Delta International website for more information on P.A.D.

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